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GPS Trackers

Collect your GPS tracker at Race Day Registration

GPS trackers, supplied by Track Me Live, were used with great success in the 2023 event and progress of paddlers was monitored locally, nationally and internationally.  Given their advantages to safety, landcrew, family members and interested parties, they will again be used for this year’s event.  In fact they will be mandatory.

Attaching the GPS tracker

The GPS trackers, one per craft, will be issued during the registration process on race day.  They will be issued in waterproof plastic sleeves and paddlers (one per craft) are to attach the unit within their lifejacket (preferred), or to securely fasten it to their craft.  The trackers will be active and fully charged when they are issued at registration so no additional tasks are required by the paddler, other than attaching the tracker to their lifejacket.

Tracking on the Internet

Instructions to landcrew on how to track their paddler(s) via the internet will be issued at the same time. 

Telephone coverage

The GPS trackers use satellite technology to transmit their location.  However smartphone access to the internet is required for landcrew to access the internet site to see the location of their paddler(s). 

Mobile phone coverage at Wisemans Ferry checkpoint (checkpoint I) is poor and landcrew should follow other processes to determine their paddlers’ arrival time.   Refer Landcrew tab.

​Return of Trackers

Trackers MUST be handed to an official when the paddler completes their race, or withdraws from the race.  Trackers not recovered from paddlers will incur a $330 charge to the paddler.

Faulty units

The Association will monitor the trackers in the initial stages of the race.  Any trackers deemed faulty can be typically replaced at Checkpoint D (Sackville) by contacting a checkpoint official. 

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