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Canoe Classic

The Wisemans Relay Rules 2024

  1. All paddlers in a Relay Team are to each pay the appropriate Entry Fee and Sponsorship amount equal to individuals entering the Classic.

  2. There may be between two to six paddlers in a Relay Team. 

  3. Paddlers in a relay team may choose to paddle 1 or 2 legs, or 3 legs if a double craft paddling with different partners on different legs.

  4. All paddlers and all Craft in a Relay Team must report to Scrutineering, Registration and Paddler Briefing at the start at Windsor, together.

  5. Each Relay Craft is to have all and correct Safety Equipment.

  6. Each Relay paddler may paddle their own craft. Each craft must be the one passed by the scrutineers at the start, and to have safety equipment checked again at the start of each leg where it is used.

  7. One number will be allocated to a Relay Team and the number transferred to the replacement craft at changeovers

  8. Relay teams must submit a plan of proposed changeovers prior to the event. This is to be submitted to the entries coordinator by 6pm, 30 September 2024. The plan shall state the name of the paddler(s) assigned to each leg.

  9. All paddlers in a Relay Team shall wear an official wristband issued at registration, identifying them as a team member. The relay team shall be disqualified if seen without their wristband and marked DSQ.

  10. Relay changeover points are only at Checkpoint C (Pacific Park, South Maroota) and Checkpoint D Sackville. The Relay ends at Checkpoint I Wisemans Ferry.

  11. At the changeover checkpoints C and D, no relay craft shall be parked in high traffic areas including the beach and staging areas.

  12. The distances for each leg are approximately 21km.

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