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Minimum sponsorship: No paddler is permitted to start unless they have paid a minimum sponsorship of $250 per paddler or $150 per junior paddler. Please note that sponsorship is per paddler, not per craft.

On the Day of the event: All raffle tickets and butts must be handed in on the day of the event (unless sent to the Entry Coordinator prior to the day of the event). We encourage paddlers to actively seek donations.

After the event: If you have any outstanding donations or receipt books, you will need to forward these to PO Box 8050, Summerland Point NSW 2259. We provide an online sponsorship system at The online system will issue a tax deductible receipt to the donor. Paddlers are not permitted to use any other payment system for donations to the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic.

Deadline for fundraising

To be eligible for fundraising prizes, money must be received by the Fundraising Co-ordinator by 5th November.

Payment options


By cheque: Please make fundraising cheques payable to:

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Association Appeal

By credit card: payment can also be made by MasterCard or Visa on the day of the event.

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