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In thinking of what the paddler may require landcrew may overlook their personal preparation for a long and tiring night. An exhausted, cold, hungry and ill-prepared landcrew can risk not only their paddler's safety, but also their own.

For the paddler
  • Transport: Reliable, sufficient space for craft, all equipment and passengers.

  • Refreshments: Hot and cold drinks and food. A thermos is helpful to keep drinks or soup hot.

  • Spare clothing: At least two or three complete sets suitable for paddling in, with additional socks, shoes and sleeping bag. Warm, dry clothes for the finish.

  • Spare: Paddle, torch/batteries, compass, sponge, bailer.

  • Repair kit: Wide electrical/cloth-backed waterproof tape etc.

  • Personal First Aid kit: Baby powder, light bandage, tape, sunscreen, methylated spirits etc.

For the landcrew

The following checklist of things are a result of several years experience with the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic, both landcrewing and paddling in dry years and wet. In past surveys, 75% of landcrew admitted they were caught short with too little warm clothing.

  • Light: Bright torch (spare batteries), gas lamp etc. but don't shine it at the paddlers!!

  • Stove: For convenience and in case of wet weather, a small stove can be handy (when fire bans permit).

  • Seating: Folding stools and chairs.

  • Shelter: Beach umbrella or small lightweight tarp or tent

  • Warm clothing: This includes your beanie, gloves, warm jacket, and rain gear.

  • Spare footwear: Your feet will get wet pushing and pulling craft in and out of water.

  • Backpack: Big bucket or equivalent; some checkpoint sites are a 10 minute walk from the car.

  • Stationery: Clipboard/folder, pen and paper.

  • Other: Esky/hamper, blankets, groundsheet, spare garbage bags, watch, insect repellant, drinking water in bottles, waterproof jacket, alarm clock.

The most important thing that you can offer your paddlers is lots & lots of encouragement!!

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