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How to  Enter

The Hawkesbury Classic Paddle, the Wisemans Dash and The Classic Relays are fun paddles to raise funds for medical research. The major beneficiary is The Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation.

Entries are to be made using the Paddle Australia Webscorer system... (Click here to start)

We acknowledge the support of Paddle Australia and Paddle NSW.

Read the Event rules 

There is important information for paddlers, landcrew and volunteers. Please read the rules carefully. Paddlers must ensure they have read the race rules carefully and must observe them at all times when participating in any Hawkesbury Classic event. 

As this year's event is held with the support of Paddle Australia you must read and comply with the Paddle Australia insurance and sporting behaviour sections below.

Race Entry Fees:

Early Bird Entry:

1 July 2023 - 31st July 2023

$120 - Adults 

$90 - Seniors 65+

$90 - Juniors  (Under 18)

Standard Entry fees:

1st August 2023 - 13th October 2023

$150 - Adults 

$120 - Seniors 65+

$120 - Juniors  (Under 18)

Late Entry fees:

14th October 2023 - 22nd October 2023

$200 - Adults and Seniors 65+

$170 - Juniors  (Under 18)


For event and paddler insurance purposes, all paddlers must either hold an active Paddle Australia (PA) membership or pay a Single Event Non-Member Fee ($22 for Seniors or $11 for Juniors).

 The insurance fee for non-PA entrants will be automatically added as part of the registration process.


As a condition of entry into this charity event , every paddler in the event must  raise the minimum sponsorship donation:-

$250 - All Paddlers (except Juniors)
$100 - Juniors

We sincerely hope that your fund-raising efforts will go beyond this minimum.

Sponsorship information can be found here.

Seeking Sponsorship

In the unlikely event the event is cancelled, sponsorship funds cannot be refunded as they are a tax deductible charitable donation.

Refund Policy

Entry fee refunds

  • Should a paddler elect to withdraw their entry before September 30th –  A refund of the entry fee will be paid. Paddlers who withdraw are encouraged to change their entry fee into a tax-deductible donation

  • Should a paddler elect to withdraw their entry after September 30th – No refund

  • Should the event be cancelled after October 2nd 2023, due to the application of a Public Health Order, or any other reason, the association MAY, at its discretion, make a partial refund of the entry fees.


Paddlers and Landcrew are required to make declarations, these are available to be made on-line at


For event and paddler insurance purposes, all paddlers must either hold an active Paddle Australia membership or pay a Paddle Australia Single Event Non-Member Fee per event entered ($22 for a senior and $11 for a junior).  Non-Member Fees will be charged as part of the registration process, or alternatively you can join a Paddle NSW affiliated club or become a Paddle Australia and Paddle NSW Direct Member ($96 for a senior and $67 for a junior) via the Paddle Australia Membership & Events System CLICK HERE.  These memberships will cover you for insurances 24/7 worldwide for 12 months.  For assistance use THIS GUIDE or email  CLICK HERE for insurance details. 



At this event, we are committed to safety, both on and off the water.  Paddle Australia integrity and disciplinary policies, including the Member Protection Policy  and Code of Behaviour Policy, apply to this event.  These policies protect and bind everyone who attends (including paddlers, coaches, officials, supporters etc).  
Please always be mindful of your responsibility to behave appropriately and respectfully; there is zero tolerance for abuse (physical and otherwise), bullying, harassment or any other harmful behaviour.  Misconduct is taken very seriously and may result in disciplinary action.  

If you have concerns or feel unsafe, please immediately report to officials (eg members of the organising committee).  Incidents and concerns should also be logged via the new Paddle Australia online reporting portal.  Paddle Australia’s National Integrity Manager is available Monday-Thursday to provide assistance (0426 363 302 /

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