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Race Day Registration and Start

Macquarie Park, Windsor NSW

  • Deerubbun Reserve, Mooney Mooney for the Classic

  • Wisemans Ferry (Checkpoint I) for the Dash

Distance: 111km

Registration: Must be completed online

Scrutineering: 10am – 2pm

First Aid: Open at 1pm

Sports Physiotherapists: Open at 1pm

Briefing: 2:45pm. This is mandatory for both paddlers and landcrew.

Start Times: From 4pm pm to 4:30pm

Before you leave home, check that you have all your compulsory equipment (listed under Event Rules)
Check that your landcrew has all appropriate equipment as suggested in the landcrew guide on the website.
Plan to arrive at the start from 9:30am onward. There is plenty of parking in the paddock at the end of the roadway through the park.

Registration will need to be completed on-line before race day.
There will be no provision for on-site registration or payment. 

Paddlers and Landcrew are required to make declarations, these are available to be made on-line at

Your registration paperwork must be presented to receive your canoe number. This is attached to your craft at scrutineering. 

There will be NO on the day entries.

Sponsorship Requirements

Sponsorship requirements must be met by all paddlers in the craft before the 5th November 2023.

Scrutineering will be available between 10am and 2pm. All craft must pass through scrutineering before 2pm.

 You are welcome to completeRegistration before midday to avoid long queues and enable you to relax, prepare your craft and enjoy watching the day’s activities.

Take your craft and all crew members’ compulsory equipment (including life jackets) to the scrutineering tent. You don’t need your paddle at this stage. Your craft will be checked for compliance with the Craft Specifications. 

Dragon Boats, Outrigger 4 + and other craft too big to be carried may be set up on the beach for scrutineering. All paddlers must come to scrutineering with their compulsory gear.

Compulsory Gear required at Scrutineering
Personal: Each paddler must have:
  • Lifejacket 

  • Pea-less whistle attached to Lifejacket

  • Waterproof light attached to Lifejacket

  • Emergency blanket carried in Lifejacket

  • Sufficient solid food and drink

  • Headgear

Craft: Each craft must have:
  • Waterproof torch attached to craft by lanyard 

  • Waterproof hard copy maps

  • Canoe number holder

  • Canoe number (supplied at scrutineering)

  • Cyalume lights (supplied at scrutineering)

  • Waterproof compass or GPS


There will be a briefing for all paddlers and landcrew at 2:45pm.
It is compulsory for all paddlers and landcrew to attend. The briefing will contain “up to the minute” essential information for the event.
Paddlers in the first start at 4pm are advised to attend the briefing dressed ready for the event. Marshalling for their start will occur soon afterwards.

Volunteers from the Sports Physiotherapy Group will lead a stretch and warm up session at 3:15pm. This will be held immediately after the Raffle Draw.


Craft will be marshalled approximately 15 to 20 minutes before designated start times.
When your start is called, paddlers, landcrew and craft will then
pass through a marshalling gate. Here, start marshals will recheck “essential equipment” for paddlers and craft, cyalumes are lit and your canoe number is recorded. You can then proceed as directed to the river to prepare for your start.
You must only enter the water through these “marshalling gates”.
You will otherwise not be recorded as an official starter.

Starting times

No craft will be permitted to start the event at any time before the allocated starting time for its class. Paddlers who wish to start early may elect to enter the Brooklyn or Bust non-competitive classes which are earlier in the order of starts. But paddlers will not be allowed to change into the Brooklyn or Bust classes on Race Day.

Craft missing their start will be started at the discretion of the marshal with the paddling time to commence from the time their particular class started.

Start Procedure

The first start will be at 4pm.
After passing through the marshalling gates you should get on the water without delay. The starter will call you up to a pre-start line (about 100m from the start line) and then slowly move downstream toward the start line. The pre-start line is defined by a blue “Bali” flag. This flag will “move” with the starter toward the start line. The start line will be defined by 2 red “Bali” flags. When the starter arrives at the start line he will call “Paddlers”, and then fire the starting signal (gun or horn).


Any paddler detected making a false start by the starter will incur a fifteen minute time penalty.Craft missing their start will be started at the discretion of the Chief Marshal with the paddling time to commence from the time their particular class started.

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