Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Will the paddler maps be provided as pdf files (rather than png files) so that they can be downloaded and printed?

Click on the map title to get the associated pdf

The registration site isn't recognising my password, and when I ask to 're-send confirmation instructions' I'm not receiving any email.

Please check in your email spam folder. Your mail program may not yet recognise email coming from the registration system

I am trying to enter the race, and every time I click on the "enter now" option, it goes no further than my profile. This is just my name with an unspecified category. What can I do?

You need to edit your profile and make a choice between being a paddler or landcrew - This will then open the next set of questions for you. Once you have signed in at click on your name to give the Profile option. (see below). Click on this and you can update your profile

Is there a list of paddlers entered in the race on the website?

A list will be available at the Start on race day. A full list will not be available on-line as the result of security and pricacy review of the new site. Results and records wil be avialble after the event.

I am finding it difficult to find where to pay for registration. I have registered my details but there is no link that takes me to pay for registration, there is only one that takes me to sponsorship payments.

Once your individual entry is complet a Pay Now link will show on the main registration page. To pay for other paddlers in your craft / team: select the Team menu option, then the Pay option.

I want to use my two man Seawave Gumotex for the Classic. Goes as well as most heavy dual sea Kayaks

The Classic is open to just about any craft which is propelled by paddles.

You are certainly welcome in your inflatable, and should add some uniqueness and interest.

I made a donation yesterday for a paddler but did not receive a receipt.

Receipts are being issued 'off-line' and will be emailed when produced.

I have signed up online to enter the Wisemans Dash but have forgotten my password. The link to reset is not happening.

Please check your spam folder. Instructions for password reset are emailed to the email address you used to sign up

How do we enter enter our land crew details?

You need to enter the email address of your land crew ‘leader’ . Look under Team/Update my team to specify the number of landcrew (usually 1 is sufficient unless you have a split support team) Then go to Team/Edit team members and you can enter their email address(es). They/she/he will then get an email from the system asking them to log in and set a password. Once that is done, they can enter their contact details and vehicle information (as usual) If an email is not received, get them to check their spam folder :-)

How do I put in the class we are paddling in?

Look under Team Update My Team allows you to change your class

Can I share an email address with another paddler or landcrew?

Your email address is used to identify you in the system. This means that you cannot share an email address with another paddler. Click here for information on how to set up a free email account if you need one.

How do I enter the Classic or the Wisemans Dash?

Push the "Enter Now!!" button the front page of the website or go directly to the Registration system. Please read the introductory messages then select "Sign Up" to start your registration. Each paddler and at least one landcrew MUST sign up and provide the required details.

How much do we have to pay in sponsorship

Full details about sponsorship can be found at

My land crew has still not yet received an email to complete her part of the entry process.

- Go to the site - Find the link at the bottom that says Forgot Your Password? (see below) - Select it and enter her email address in the box. - Please check your spam email folder as well, as not all systems recognise the Canoe Classic's registration email sender.