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Support Organisations

The continued success of the Classic is reliant upon the dedicated support of a number of volunteer organisations who give up their time to ensure the safety of paddlers, volunteers and landcrew alike.

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Race Committee and Association are grateful for the support of following organisations:


NSW Marine Rescue

(Formally RVCP)

Provides over 50 vessels and support personnel. Many of the vessels are used as checkpoints and also provide a radio network to allow for search and rescue if required.



(A specialist emergency communications squad of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association)

Amateur Radio volunteers from WICEN provide the backbone radio network and operators used to notify checkpoints of the progress of each canoe down the course. 


NSW Roads & Maritime Services

Authorises river closure from the start to the Sackville Ferry. This is invaluable to the safety of paddlers and we are indebted to NSW RMS for their continued support


NSW State Emergency  Service

Provide assistance with rescue vessels, staff checkpoints and parking control at major checkpoints. They also provide safety vessels to control the car-ferry cable crossings.

The Sports Physiotherapy Group

Provide massages and stretching exercises to assist paddlers and help prevent muscle problems. A massage at Wiseman’s Ferry has enabled many a paddler to make it to the finish.

Paddle NSW

PaddleNSW is your organisation. It is run by a keen group of volunteers dedicated to providing member paddlers in NSW and the ACT with the best opportunities to pursue their sport or recreation


Other Groups involved at checkpoints include:-

  • Lane Cove River Kayakers

  • River Canoe Club

  • Windsor Canoe Club

  • Central Coast Canoe Club

  • Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation

  • Prostate Foundation

  • 2nd Gordon Scout Group

  •  Boys’ Brigade Australia – 146th NSW Company Blacktown.

  • Some checkpoints are still run by ex-students of Outward Bound.

Thank you to the following landowners who have donated the use of their land as checkpoints –

  • Hawkesbury City Council - Start

  • National Parks – Checkpoint A

  • Pacific Park Waterski Gardens & Motor Cycle Park - Checkpoint C

  • Ken Anderson for Checkpoint D

  • Mrs Lola Hamilton for Checkpoint E

  • St George Ski Club for Checkpoint F

  • Mr and Mrs Argles for Checkpoint G

  • NSW Waterski Association for Checkpoint I

  • Roy Fox for Checkpoint K

  • Alex Savtchenko for Low Tide Pit-stop

  • Central Coast Council – Finish

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