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The summer of 2012 was the beginning of what has turned out to be a paddling obsession. Engaging in a lengthy conversation with one of my customers about his plans to paddle his kayak across Bass Strait, was the inspiration for me to present this as a good idea to a couple of mates.

Sea Kayaking is where it began for me. Crossing Bass Straight was to stretch me way beyond what I imagined. With absolutely no idea of how to achieve this goal we started with technique training. This led to endurance training, which in turn drew us towards the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic. With three Classics paddled and one suffered through as a land crew, I'm back for more! (Seriously it's easier to paddle, thank you land crews!!)

Since completing our Bass Strait crossing in 2015, my obsession has grown to include some other paddling disciplines including, marathon racing, harbour series and ocean series races. I have also timidly dabbled in the world of K1 a little.

I love the sport and have found great community; healthy competition and the healthy lifestyle have richly rewarded me.

This year my partner Caroline Marschner and I will paddle the full distance in a double to raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you for your support.


Mark Hempel
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