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Hello and welcome to Team Dugong!

Our team is made up of myself and Jenny Harrison. We are both the wrong side of our mid 50s but up for some adventure and a challenge. That is what life is about, right?

You need a job to fill your pockets but adventure to fill your soul!

I used to live not far from the Hawkesbury before moving to Brisbane. I regularly fly to Sydney and love watching this amazing river wind its way through to the open sea.

Dugong is our kayak a 6.2m Rosco Pacific Raider. you will see us out anywhere around Moreton Bay or up and down the Brisbane river.

Are we ready yet for the Classic?

Getting there...we are upto a 70km paddle right now. For the remaining weeks we will increase intensity by paddling more often , daily @ 20 to 30 kms.

We will do another long paddle early October and then taper.

David Saltwell
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