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I started my paddling career with ocean kayaking which gave me a strong foundation in boat handling, balancing and provided an amazing open water experience. I've been paddling my beloved Tiderace Pace 17S ever since and the ocean is where my heart is in this sport. However after some time I discovered the benefits of engaging in other different disciplines within this multifaceted sport. I joint the Lane Cove River Kayakers in 2017 which is a flat water based racing club. I learned a lot about paddling technique in my Quantum Tornado K1. This year I was paddling several single as well as double ocean skis, joint the Harbor Series and Marathons (Harbor Series 3rd place in Women Open, Marathon Division 5). I also found my beloved Stellar SES full carbon ocean ski to which I have a very special relationship!

In 2016 I entered the HCC Dash and enjoyed the overnight experience. This year I am going to double up with my partner, Mark Hempel, for the full course of the HCC in a racing ski, Epic V10 double.

We are going to race under the name of our official sponsor "Davlin Wealth Management" our local financial adviser in Hornsby.

To be able to start the race we are required to raise funds for the Arrow, The Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation. It is a pleasure for us to fund "race" for a good purpose and want to ask you for your contribution today!

Caroline Marschner
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